Future-Proof Hosting
and Website Care

WordPress is hugely popular.  The downside is few businesses have the proper in-house knowledge to look after it. That's where we come in.

Hand the work to us and we'll save money as well as headaches.

The Problem


The client gets a new WordPress site and decides they can manage it. Then:

  • Their hosting company goes bad and parts of WordPress starts to fail.
  • The site is hacked and unaware they get blacklisted from search.
  • A plugin update creates a conflict and the site goes down.
  • Upgrading becomes feared until eventually the site needs rebuilding.

It's an inevitable part of running a modern website in this age of Page Builders.


So we decided to create a more sustainable way to help our clients.


The Solution


We help only selected clients with sites built with same software. Then we can:

  • Semi-automate jobs a client would need to do manually.
  • Know quicker what needs fixing.
  • Optimize the hosting and plugins for all.
  • Keep a better eye on potential security threats.
  • Maintain closer relationships with software providers.

We made looking after WordPress more efficient.

How Do I Save Money?


Reliable hosting costs as much as our entire "Smart" plan and then:

  • We prevent unexpected developer's bills and potential loss of business.
  • We save you hours per month on routine tasks.
  • We let you know about changes that businesses online need to know.
  • We save you having to buy your own *software when it gets out of date.

* The yearly software fees on sites we build would cost a client more than our "smart" plan.



Why Can't I Just Manage My Site Myself?

You can and many do. It just means committing to a process of ongoing learning. Mostly it's only the web professionals like bloggers who have the time for it.  But these days most professionals are using care services.

If you go the self-managing route, update WordPress software at least monthly (though we do daily updates) and have a developer on hand if something breaks. We would recommend you do a routine security scan and use an uptime monitoring service and check mobile responsiveness regularly. Look out for announcements from Google.

Which Plan is Right for me?

The Smart plan is perfect for most. We are proud to have got this to a fraction of the cost of similar services.

The Power plan is for those who use power hungry plugins or have large busy sites. It's the choice for those who have serious WooCommerce needs. It also suits those with more than 10,000 visitors a month or those who produce large amounts of media content.

The Platinum plan is for those who are likely to need regular developer help and advice.  This plan goes beyond fixing software updates and basic monitoring.

Can You Tell Me About Your Hosting?

Let's start with the purpose of our hosting. For over a decade we had the same issue. We find a good host and all is fine in the world. Then the company gets bought or goes bad so we move to another recommended host  ... and then another and so on . Each time we lost days researching the facts from the affiliate influenced fiction.

Now with cloud hosting giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Digital Ocean we can do the service side of hosting ourselves . But we are not locked in. We can move you and save you our troubles. Of course, we could go bad too, but hopefully free of the competitive pressures of the hosting industry we can keep our path straight.

Now the tech stuff ... It's Cloud Hosting running Ubuntu (a Debian-based Linux operating system ). Nginx (pronounced "Engine X") is the public-facing server. Everything runs on faster solid-state drives ( SSD) and for our US customers we use a New York City based datacentre.

Presently we run everything with PHP 7.0+ and we upgrade to the latest version when all plugins become compatible.

We don't have an uptime guarantee (they're just false promises), but we expect 99.8% minimum uptime and for any downtime (needed for upgrades) to be done between 1-6 am local time.

What we can say is that you can expect your average page load to be 3 second or under. We measure this with Pingdom tools set the nearest server.

What Are Your Terms & Conditions?

Legal talk, small print, terms - shudder!  We prefer something simple:

If (for any reason) you're not happy in the first 60 days of your first year we give you your money back.

After the first year you can move freely (when you like) and we will refund every whole month not used.

We'll send you a zipped version of your entire site and will suggest a free WordPress plugin that can migrate your site to you new hosting.

You will not continue to get updates on all the software we provided, but your site will continue to work as before. We will also provide a list of all software used so you can buy your own support and updates directly from them. This is recommended for long term security and functionality. You will also lose our training videos that were added to your dashboard.

We can not fix issues that are not related to software updates and WordPress.

If you have simple problem updating content we try to help. If you have tried your hand at amatuer development we may have to charge extra to fix that.

That's about it. If you have any specific questions please contact us at support@yosauce.com

How Do I Get Support?

We add a contact form to the dashboard of your WordPress install and you can contact us through email support@yosauce.com. We will be sending you a monthly report so you will not lose us.

If you are on the Smart or Power plan we hope you have no reason to contact us, but if we missed something that is broken we respond within 24 hours (and usually within a few hours).

With Platinum we would arrange regular contact.

30 plus training videos are added to your dashboard, but if you wish to have one to one training please contact us.

What Do You Actually Do With My Site?

We add you to our Master Dashboard where we have the status of key indicators. With critical indicators (downtime and security) we have alert emails to respond quickly.

We connect you to uptime monitoring  and connect your backups to Amazon's servers as well as our own.

We manually update software daily (more if our newsfeeds tell us of a security issue).

We check plugin version numbers. With major releases (and some minor ones) we check "change logs" for individual plugins. Sometime we can anticipate conflicts and will test on our own site first.

Monthly we send out a report showing some updates on your site with some brief news that businesses online should be aware of.

There a number of other monthly tasks such as cache clearing for speed, server report monitoring and spam comment clearing for those with blogs and so on.

I hope that gives you a flavor for how we work.

Could I Still Get Hacked?

Sadly yes, no system is ever 100% secure, but the chances are greatly reduced. Also we will get you back on track before you get blacklisted.

We give you a security service just like this one by Sucuri as part of our care plans.

Why Do You Not Offer Email Hosting?

It's not our specialty. Many hosting companies will allow you to run your emails from your website server, but it is never a good idea.

One server for both services could mean a complete communication blackout. Mainly the issue is that the performance of one is compromised by the other.

If you need a domain name email it's better to use a professional email service. Here are two options:

G-suite by Google is our main recommendation.

Zoho mail offers a FREE package where you can have up to 25 users and 5Gb space.

We can definitely help you set things up though should you need help with the above two options.

Do You Support Other Plugins?

WordPress has an amazing number of free plugins that can be installed from the WP repository.We use many ourselves.

It is your site of course, so we don't restrict what you can add, but we also can't fully support plugins we don't know. Some have the potential to break your site or create a security risk.

Generally, it is best to let us know if you're adding something you may rely on. We do our best to support, but like all hosting and care services there will be plugins we advise against.

We do reserve a right to stop providing our service if changes are made that could damage or compromise the security of your site.

Smart Hosting & Care

$480 per year
  • Equivalent to $40 per month
  • Suitable for up to 10,000 visitors a month
  • SSL Certificate
  • Daily Software Updates
  • Repairs and Fixes
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • Uptime and Speed Monitoring
  • Daily Backups
  • Dashboard Training Videos
  • Monthly Reports

Power Hosting & Care

$900 per year
  • Equivalent to $75 per month
  • Suitable for up to 20,000 visitors a month or heavy plugin or media use
  • SSL Certificate
  • Daily Software Updates
  • Repairs and Fixes
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • Uptime and Speed Monitoring
  • Daily Backups
  • Dashboard Training Videos
  • Monthly Reports
  • Updates tested on a staging environment
  • (Ecommerce requires this plan or above)

Platinum Hosting & Care

$1500 per year
  • Equivalent to $125 per month
  • For Site Owners who make changes beyond content updates
  • Everything included in the "Power" Package plus...
  • 40 mins small jobs of per month
  • 30 mins WordPress consultancy per month
  • Plugin and Theme Support and Advice
  • Marketing and SEO Advice

60 day money back guarantee for any reason.

After the first year you can freely move and we will refund any whole months unused.  See our terms in the FAQ's

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