Virtual Reality In The Dental Chair?

How can you utilize virtual reality in the dental chair?

Think of some of the traditional distraction techniques commonly used by your preferred dental practice:

  • A calming conversation with kind hygienists and dentists.
  • A serene, hygienic office environment.
  • Background music with tunes you remember from your youth.
  • A television often tuned to a neutral channel.
  • A comfortable chair to rest in.
  • Anesthesia, either in gas or shot forms, as needed.

When you really look at the list above, it seems like not very much has changed since modern dentistry began. The ADA’s own timeline doesn’t list any dental innovations since 2000. Isn’t that a bit scary?

Even with these helpful tools in place, the data shows that up to 60% of people are still afraid of going to the dentist. And with up to 9-20% of Americans flat out refusing to go to see the dentist, we think it’s clear these solutions aren’t enough. It’s time to try something new.

Virtual Reality is dental distraction and dental relaxation for the 21st century.

Virtual Reality dental research shows it is massively effective as both distraction and pain relief, with dozens of studies across a decade of clinical trials. But today it is finally affordable, for every dental practice.

What’s unique about virtual reality is that it is fully immersive. Music or TV are engaging until your mind wanders. With VR, your mind is in another place, less likely to drift to bad thoughts.

Unlike VR gaming, medical virtual reality doesn’t require bulky computers taking precious office space. Everything is done using a small, portable VR system. Additionally VR Dental Sedation is wireless, allowing unlimited space for movement, as the patient sits in the chair and experiences relaxation. The patient places the headset on pre-treatment so it does not interfere with dental procedures, yet the dental team is in full control of where they go. Virtual reality in the dental chair makes each check-up a mini-vacation.

A virtual reality system has a place in the dentist’s toolset for the treatment and comfort of patients. It is the ultimate distraction that tricks your brain into believing and feeling you are somewhere else, somewhere that is more pleasant.

Virtual Reality is affordable dental technology that greatly improves the patient experience.

VR Dental Sedation bundles software, hardware, service, and support into one streamlined package. We make it easy to launch the best dental relaxation and distraction software in VR in minutes. Independent research has shown VR Dental Sedation is effective for pain management, anxiety, and restlessness.

Millions of people suffer extreme anxiety and dentist phobia. Therefore, they choose to avoid dental care. Is there place for virtual reality in the dental chair? How could there not be when you consider the millions of people who would benefit from it? This new technology is opening up whole new worlds of anxiety and pain management.

Are you a dentist or work with a dental practice who could utilize VR Dental Sedation? Sign up today to learn more about how to implement VR in your business in less than 10 minutes.

Are you a patient with dental anxiety or dental phobia looking to encourage your dentist to utilize this technology? Please share our VR Dental Sedation solution with your dentist and we’d love to help them explore this technology to make your (and other patient experiences) happier.

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