Microbrews Club

The Brief

Microbrews Club wanted a new way to generate revenue fast. They knew they could sell their products online, since a lot of competitors were doing it, but they had no idea how to even get started doing that.

Our Approach

Ultimately we built a custom e-commerce solution that allows users to order their products in a regular online store, but we also built a membership type custom subscription product for visitors to subscribe to, so they get to choose different kinds of products for a personalized pack every month, in an intuitive process. This membership component ended up being the greatest revenue generator for the company, and allowed for recurring income due to the many loyal subscribers.

The Results

The membership component of the site continues to bring quite a bit of recurring revenue, though the numbers have nearly evened between the membership component and the store. We continue to work with Microbrews Club, helping them with website maintenance and with various marketing campaigns.

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