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Your Website is your BEST Sales Rep

Your sales reps dress nice, educate your customers, and nurture them through the sales process; shouldn’t your website do the same if not more? Especially since more and more people search the internet before wanting to talk to someone.

Is your site generating enough leads?

Gone are the days of putting up a simple brochure website.

A website should be educating your potential clients, working to convert them to leads, and assisting your sales department.


The first step in designing a website that will not only engage your potential client but also draw them to interact or even become a lead is to strategize. This step involves knowing your company’s brand and your client’s Buyer’s Persona and Buyer Journey. What is your company saying? What is your client looking for?


While content is king, design is queen. Today, you want your design to be fresh, clean, and distinctive. The overall goal of a website should be to generate leads. We design your site not only to look good, but to draw prospects in, and to move them down the Buyer’s Journey to a lead.


Our developers stay up to date on top coding and SEO standards. While we want to make sure your looks great to the viewer, we also want it to look good to Search Engines. We make sure the User Experience (UX) is top self, keeping your visitors from being annoyed by slow loading pages and bad mobile experiences.


Launching your site involves rigorous testing of the site’s responsiveness, load times, indexing, browsers and more. When you have finally approved the look and feel of your site, and are happy with the experience, we make sure that every visitor to your site feels the same way.