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We think differently about audits. We don't use an automated tool that gives you super technical, incomprehensible stats.

We look at your site manually and give advice that will help solve actual problems.

The average analysis is 8 pages full of valuable information. We want you to have a clear view of the state of affairs of your online presence and help in the process of improving your business.

This way both parties win. You have finally been helped, and we have a new analysis to add to our collection.


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What do we deal with in the analysis?

An overview of all the points that we discuss

Design & UX

Is the site attractive and effective? Are there graphical errors?


Does everything work well? Is the site running on HTTPS? Is caching set up?


Is the site find-able on Google? Are the right keywords present? Are you on the correct business directories?


Is your content written fluently, and does it represent what you stand for as a company?


Do you use Google Analytics? What about the Facebook Pixel? Is there a newsletter?

Final Conclusion

We summarize all problems in a handy overview with a scorecard.


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