Formtech Surveyors

The Brief

Formtech Surveyors approached us with the need to get more leads, yet had to do so in a cost effective manner. We showed them how setting up a lead magnet website and a targeted digital strategy would be the best way forward, in an industry that continues to trend towards its marketing being done mostly online. They also wanted to be proactive with their sales and client form completion process, and wanted their website to help in this regard.

Our Approach

We determined the best way forward would be to remake their website with a responsive design, since quite a bit of traffic came from mobile users, and to set up traffic generating search marketing systems for their new site launch. This was especially important for their organic SEO needs, as Google at the time was starting to penalize non mobile responsive sites. We saw this as an opportunity to quickly rise in the rankings, knowing that a lot of higher ranking competitors at the time would not optimize their sites and be penalized.

After researching how competitors handled paid and organic search marketing in the industry and what we could do to rise above them, we saw that the best bang for the buck would be to gather leads via Adwords, and so we set up a campaign in order to bring in traffic as soon as the site was relaunched and tested. We also laid down the proper SEO foundation in order to have their organic search rankings continue to rise with time.

As surveyors, the business requires a lot of forms to be completed, a process which was previously a nightmarish manual one. We set up new forms that can be filled out right on their website, and when submitted by the users are sent to a CRM system for easy record keeping. This freed up a bunch of their time previously spent managing these processes manually.

The Results

Formtech Surveyors has seen consistent growth in website traffic and in their number of leads, and are ranking on page 1 on Google for the most traffic generating local keywords in their industry.

We continue to work with the team at Formtech Surveyors and manage their search marketing strategy, as well as their website maintenance, hosting, and support.

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