Digital Marketing & Website Audit

Our digital marketing & website audit provides a crystal clear view of the digital landscape for your industry

The Yosauce digital marketing & website audit is the bedrock to each and every one of our projects, as it gives us a crystal clear, birds eye view of the current digital landscape for your industry, including information about the infrastructure and strategies being used by those having success with their marketing efforts in your industry. This look at the big picture really helps us understand where the business stands in the digital landscape, identify site problems & tell you how to get top marks with your digital marketing and website efforts. Our digital marketing & website audit shows:

  1. Website overview
  2. Market analysis
  3. SEO: Technical site review
  4. SEO: Content analysis
  5. Content Distribution (Social, etc.)
  6. Local search review
  7. Web analytics review
  8. Advertising review (if applicable)
  9. Site usability / Conversion optimization review
  10. Summary & Recommendations

1. Website overview

We review thousands of websites.

That puts us in a good position to see your website in the context of your market and the web. This introductory section highlights core elements on your website and your outreach. We look at…

  • Indexed content.
  • Google PageRank
  • Total content onsite.
  • Social media metrics
  • Average site load time.
  • Basic Google Analytics setup
  • Content management system (CMS)
  • And more…


2. Market analysis

Bad keywords send non-targeted traffic.

The last thing you want is to target the wrong keywords and get the wrong kind of visitors to your website. That’s why our Digital Marketing Audit helps you understand your market, where you stand, and how your competitors are performing.

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword competition
  • Online visabilty in search
  • Keyword focus on entire website
  • Keyword targeting on individual pages
  • Search market share based on keywords
  • And more…


3. SEO: Technical site review

Prospects can’t see what Google can’t find.

To gain proper visibility online, your website must be crawlable by search engines and easily findable by qualified prospects. Our Technical Site Review looks under the hood of your website to see how well you built and structured your site for optimum organic performance. Some of those factors we review include…

  • Sitemaps
  • Redirects
  • URI issues
  • Error pages
  • Indexed pages
  • Site framework
  • Robots.txt files
  • External Links
  • Backlink issues
  • Microformatting/structured data
  • Content management system setup (CMS)
  • And more…


4. SEO: Content analysis

Content is king in the digital marketing world.

To succeed, your site must not only publish high quality, engaging content that people are searching for to drive people to take the action you desire. Furthermore, you need to ensure you optimize each page and associated elements to make it findable by your most likely prospects. We review…

  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Heading tags (H1, H2, etc.)
  • Avoid duplication of other tags on the site
  • Character length requirements on core elements
  • Contain target keywords and geo-modifiers as necessary
  • Meet overall relevancy to focus on core services and product offerings
  • And more…


5. Content distribution (social media, etc.)

Content may be king on-site, but content distribution is critical.

You must have a social media presence to expand your reach and gain authority in SERPs! Our Digital Marketing Audit reviews your offsite business profiles on social media sites – such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+  – to see where you have a presence and identify how your presence may be improved.


Local digital marketing is huge.

Ignoring local SEO efforts & algorithm changes can be suicidal for a small business. Google changes its search algorithm 500-600 times each year, and the impact on local business searches can take a business like yours easily from showing up high in the Local Map Pack listings onto page two or page three of search results. We look at…

  • Business citations
  • Google+ profile issues
  • Google map pack listings
  • Competitors’ Google map pack listings
  • Duplicate name, address, phone number (NAP)
  • And more…


7. Web analytics / tracking review

You need proper website tracking to make good decisions.

Our team of experts will review your Google Analytics configuration to ensure it’s installed on every page and prepared to measure the effectiveness of the website in driving qualified conversions. We suggest ways to ensure data is clean so you may make better marketing decisions. We review…

  • Correct Google Analytics implementaion
  • What devices they are using (e.g., mobile, desktop)
  • From where visitors are accessing your site (location)
  • Which pages are the most popular for driving traffic and conversions
  • What referral sources they used to get there (e.g., organic, paid, direct)
  • And more….


8. Advertising review

Are you wasting money in your online advertising? Probably so.

We’ll review your paid traffic sources to find opportunities for goal tracking and look for areas to spend money that could drive qualified traffic to your site. If you use other ad networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Bing, we’ll review how you use these advertising platforms to get your intended results.

  • Look at advertising opportunities
  • Integrated website and call tracking
  • Review your Google AdWords campaigns
  • Review potential wasted dollars from paid search
  • Audit other ad networks like Bing, Facebook, or LinkedIn
  • Make sure goal tracking is properly installed to determine ROI
  • And more…


9. Site usability / Conversion optimization

Does your site make it hard for customers to do business with you?

If your site has any usability issues, it will drive your visitors away and affect your ability to rank well in search results. You need to make a lasting impression and build positive user experiences. To do this, your site must be helpful, usable and easy to navigate. If you have any usability issues, our experts will identify what’s wrong with your site and suggest ways you can correct it. Some things we look at…

  • Identify key site goals
  • Review site navigation
  • Survey mobile experience
  • Analyze goal conversion path
  • Inspect touchscreen navigation
  • And more…


10. Summary & Recommendations

What good is an audit without fixes?

We will provide a summary of findings and a list of recommendations to help take your digital marketing to the next level. Recommendations may include things such as:

  • Mobile optimization
  • Optimizing on-page tags
  • Advertising expansion ideas
  • Setting up goals in Google Analytics
  • Recommended fixes for poor site usability
  • Addressing disconnects between business goals and site tracking
  • Specific Google+ page optimizations if you have a brick and mortar store
  • And more…

Don’t let your business lose another customer because of poor targeting, limited search visibility, or site usability issues. Discover what opportunities you’re missing.

Audit Investment: $0

Request an Audit

Still wondering if your business needs a digital marketing & website audit?

We don’t do these audits for just anyone. We work with people who are serious about success and have interesting problems to solve. Why? We’re serious about success too. Your success. This audit will allow us to quickly deliver strategic recommendations and valuable insights that will help you prioritize and focus your digital marketing efforts to yield the biggest impact.

Your audit is all about YOUR business, and contains immediately actionable marketing value. If a proposal is requested after the audit, we’ll gladly provide one customized to your needs, and we'll apply the cost of the audit towards your next project if you decide to move forward within the next 60 days.

Wondering why the audit isn't free? We all know that free audits or consultations don't end up being much more than a sales pitch with no value for your business. This isn’t like that. All the insights gathered from the audit are focused on YOUR business goals, and actionable solutions for achieving those goals.

This isn't some website grader or calculator, you’ll get a dedicated digital consultant to audit the complete digital marketing landscape for your industry. The time spent on your digital marketing is extremely valuable, which is why we charge for it. We know many businesses require this service, but we want to make sure that we pay full attention to each individual business vision and marketing needs. With the insights gathered from this audit, your business will be well on it's way to massively growing it's sales.


Request an audit for your business if:

  • You’re a business in the US that needs more leads, traffic, and/or customers in your geographic area
  • You’re serious about generating more sales and have the capacity for more sales

Types of Businesses we've worked with and who have benefited include:

  • Fitness Studios
  • Green Living / Enviornmental
  • Home Services
  • Professional Services
  • Food and Hospitality 
  • Retail
  • Finance
  • Medical & Dental 
  • Software & Technology
  • Event Production
  • Non Profits
  • + More

Take all the confusion out of your digital marketing and website, request an audit today.



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